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09 May 2010 @ 07:13 pm
in memory of alex whitman (roswell) ♥  
This is a picspam I made for a graphics challenge at wb_land called In Memory Of.... As a member of team_roswell, I only saw it fitting to compile the first one using Alex Whitman, who was one of my favorite characters on the show before his death in Season Two's Cry My Name. This takes place from when they get the news to his funeral.

HANSON: "Sedan doing about 70 did a head-on with a Semi."
VALENTI: "Fatalities?"
HANSON: "Yeah, one."
VALENTI: "Anyone I know?"

VALENTI: "There's been an accident. Alex is dead."

ISABEL: "He'll need to use his power to open the doors. Max opens the body bag. He'll take a deep breath, put his hand on his chest, and bring him back to life. And Alex will sit up suddenly, and Max will jump back, and the whole wagon will shake a little. The whole, the whole wagon will shake and, and they'll come running back here with big goofy grins on their faces and, and we'll have to come up with some kind of cover story for Hanson and everybody."
ISABEL: "Max?"

ISABEL: "Oh my god! Oh Alex! Oh my god, I thought you were dead!"
ALEX: "Oh, no no no. Listen that was just.that was just a big misunderstanding. Everything's fine. All right?"
ISABEL: "Okay."
ALEX: "Okay. Sit down, sit down, sit down. So, how are you doing?"
ISABEL: "Fine. Fine now."
ALEX: "Good. So have you made any decision about college yet?"
ISABEL: "Yeah, I think I'm going to stay. Graduate with Max and you guys."
ALEX: "Good. Good. Because I'd miss you if you were gone."
ISABEL: "Yeah, I'd miss you too. I just, I just don't want to be away from you anymore."
ALEX: "Aww, well, no worries about that. I'm not going anywhere, except band practice. See, I'm running late and the guys are waitin' for me. So, I gotta jet. But I'm gonna see you tonight, right?"
ISABEL: "Yeah, yeah."
ALEX: "Okay. I will see you later."
MRS. EVANS: "Isabel. Isabel, wake up honey."
ISABEL: "Oh my god. It was just a dream. It was just a dream."

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.
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Zara: [roswell] big damn heroeszarajade123 on May 18th, 2010 05:35 pm (UTC)
Oh god, his death always feels like part of my soul has been crushed.
Great picspam!! Brought back the memories of watching it the first time around.